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The journey begins departing Alice Springs Airport where you will fly south of Pine Gap (The joint US and Australian Defence Space Research Facility).

On your way to Uluru Kata TjutaNational Park take in the breathtaking Salt Lake Amadeus which expands more than 120km long. Continue to take in the scenery of the outback from a different view as the colours and contours of the landscapes take on an amazing 3D effect.

Both World Heritage listings, these amazing iconic symbols of nature that have evolved over millions of years dominate the landscape of Central Australia.

Uluru is higher than the Eiffel Tower and the Chrysler Building in New York standing at 348 metres high and 860 metres above sealevel.

Kata Tjutais a Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal word meaning many heads (Kata –heads Tjuta–many).

Kata Tjutais made up of 36 domes spread over an area of more than 20kms. It is also known as The Olgas (named by Baron Von Mueller after his queen the Queen of Olga, from his country Württemberg in Germany)

Uluru has been the home of the Mutijulupeople for centuries. As you take in the sites around Uluru you will learn about the Tjukurpa(law and culture) of the Anangu(Aboriginal people) at Uluru.

The Kunya Tjukurpais at MutujuluWaterhole where the battle of the Kunya woma python and Liruthe poisonous snake man took place. Now the waterhole is protected by Wanampi, an ancestral water snake.

The MutujuluWaterhole is one of the various short walks that you can take around Uluru.

Choose to land at ConnellanAirport where a hire car can be arranged so you can take the opportunity to explore the wonders of the Central Australian Outback on land.

Additional packages are available to add on to this Tour at an additional cost.

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