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An opportunity to experience magnificent attractions of the Central Australia Outback in a few hours…..

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Begin by flying over the West MacDonnell Ranges, including Simpsons Gap, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Glen Helen Gorge & Ormiston Gorge. Running in an East West direction the MacDonnell Ranges extend for a distance of 642km. Over a 150 million year period the Ranges were gradually pushed up over this time to stand as tall, if not taller than the Himalayas. Millions of years ago Australia was very close to the equator and the landscape consisted of a tropical rainforest. Frequent violent tropical storms pounded the mountain range over millions of years and hence it has eroded.
To the local Arrentepeople, the ranges that are close to Alice Springs (Mt Gillen and Mt Johns) are giant caterpillars (Yeperenye). The Caterpillars made their way from the West and from the East and to meet at a place now called HeavitreeGap.
Ellery Creek Big hole has been carved out by thousands of years of massive floods and Glen Helen dates back to the time of the explorers of the 19thcentury and after many setbacks and times of hardship a cattle station was finally established during this time.
After you have taken in the colours and contours of these landscapes encompassed by many species of flora and fauna, you willbetaken to GossesBluff, a giant 142 million year old meteorite crater, the largest impact crater site in Australia. The original crater wall extended out at 22km. Over time the crater has eroded leaving no walls. However, from the air the with a birds eye view the original caterrim mark on the ground can still be seen. This mark is believed to be the impact caused by the shock wave.
The experience doesn’t end here…..next we will fly you over Kings Canyon taking in the amazing views set amongst the mountains of the George Gil Range. The walls of Kings Canyon are over 100m high. In this area fossils are amongst the remains from the inland sea that once engulfed this region millions of years ago.
Finally on your trip home fly in for a close up look around Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Both World heritage listings and 2 of the biggest natural icons of Australia. Uluru is more than 348 metres high and Kata Tjutaconsists of 36 domes spreading over an area of more than 20km.
Choose to land at Kings Creek Station where camel rides and quad bike tours can be arranged or Connellan Airport in which car hire can be arranged for you take the opportunity to explore the wonders of the Australian Outback on land

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