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NTAS Fleet at Ayers Rock Airport (Connellan)

NTAS at Ayers Rock Airport (Connellan)

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NTAS at Ayers Rock Airport for Uluru Kata Tjuta VIP Tour

Northern Territory air services aircraft touched down at Ayers Rock airport.
Our VIP guests from Alice Springs were on board, eager to begin their once-ina-
lifetime return journey to Uluru. Guests were mesmerized by the sights out
the window. They could see the red desert stretching out for miles below them.
As our aircraft got closer to Uluru, the guests could see the many different
shades of red that make up the rock. Our aircraft circled Uluru a so that
everyone on board could get a good look. Everyone was excited to have seen
Uluru and to explore it from a new and unique perspective in flight.
Once everyone was off the plane, they were given a tour of the area. They were
able to see Uluru up close and personal. After the ground tour, the guests were
flown back to Alice Springs. They were thrilled to have experienced Uluru in
such a unique way.

As we flew back to Alice Springs, I reflected on
what an amazing experience it had been. I’d never
seen anything like Uluru before, and I’m sure I
never will again. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime

VIP Guest

NTAS experienced staff are available 24/7 to assist you. For assistance
booking your charter flight. Please use our Request a quote form or call now:

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RASS Flights (APY Lands), SA

RASS Flights (APY Lands), SA

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RASS Flights (APY Lands), SA
RASS Flights (APY Lands), SA

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara
(APY Lands), SA

Services will commence from 1st September 2022.


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Spiders on plane

Giant huntsman Spider dropped on top of a panicked pilot

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Afraid of flying and spiders? This might be your worst nightmare…

A giant huntsman dropped on top of a panicked pilot, as the small plane was landing at a Northern Territory airfield.

It’s the stuff of nightmares for many and peak Straya for others. A giant huntsman emerged on the cockpit ceiling of a Cessna and dropped on top of a panicked pilot, just as the single propeller plane was landing at a tiny airfield in the Northern Territory. Footage of the high-flying arachnid, obtained by, shows the huntsman crawl and fall during a flight over the NT’s Kakadu National Park yesterday.

STORY: #9News

Originally tweeted by 9News Melbourne (@9NewsMelb) on June 16, 2021.

Northern Territory Air Services Can Tailor a Charter Flight to Suit Your Needs

In order to find out a price for a scenic flight or air charter adventure tour of Darwin

please use the link to our contact form.

Phone: +61 (0)8 89531444

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A-LIST celebrity Christian Bale has popped into Alice Springs Aircraft Charter Company – (NTAS) Northern Territory Air Services for a ‘very low key’ visit to Uluru. Best known for his roles in American Psycho and The Dark Knight, Hollywood actor Christian Bale has snuck into the Top End with little fanfare for a central Australian holiday.

Pilot in Command Captain Roger Rodrigues was honoured to fly Mr Bale to Uluru and provide a memorable Northern Territory Air Services life experience for all.

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COVID SAFE Aircraft Charter

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COVID Safe Air Charter
The Australian aviation industry has developed Domestic Passenger Journey Protocols. These protocols provide clear and consistent guidance to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in domestic airports and on aircraft. The Australian aviation industry has developed Domestic Passenger Journey Protocols. These protocols provide clear and consistent guidance to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in domestic airports and on aircraft. It is important you find out about the restrictions and conditions for the place you are travelling to. You should do this before booking or leaving your home.

COVID Safe Air Charter

#covidsafe #airtransport #charterflights

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Charter Flights

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Northern Territory Air Services is a family owned and operated air charter and scenic flights business based in Alice Springs Australia. The company offers a twin-engine 24hr air charter service that provides business’ and tourists alike with the convenience of fast comfortable transport to any destination in Australia.
Northern Territory Air Services is proudly an Indigenous Company and a registered Indigenous Business with Supply Nation & Indigenous Business Direct.

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Pilot in Command

Pilot In Command (PIC)

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NTAS – Charter pilot

The pilot in command (PIC) of an aircraft is the person aboard the aircraft who is ultimately responsible for its operation and safety during flight. This would be the captain in a typical two- or three-pilot aircrew, or “pilot” if there is only one certificated and qualified pilot at the controls of an aircraft.

The Air Taxi or Charter Pilot flies fare paying passengers “anywhere any time” but usually for short trips over varying routes in single engine or light twin engine planes.

Browse our site for Aviation jobs now available in Alice Springs , Pilot Job Postings

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Regular Flights – Alice Springs to Uluru (Ayers Rock Airport)

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Northern Territory Air Services (NTAS) are proud to announce regular shuttle flights from Alice Springs to Uluru (Ayers Rock Airport)
Available weekly from 29th September 2018, limited introductory seats available online.
Marking the introduction of a regular air shuttle between the two destinations.

AvCharter Pty Ltd will operate flights two days per week exclusively for NTAS on the new route from September 2018, with 3,100 seats available on the route annually.



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Mount Isa

Mount Isa

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Mount Isa, Outback Queensland

Published on 8 Aug 2013
Mt Isa or The Isa as it’s known locally, is located in the Outback’s North West and has long been at the heart of Queensland’s mining and farming culture. Take a 4WD tour to the rock outcrops, waterholes and wildflowers of Lawn Hill and Porcupine Gorge to truly understand the natural frontier of Outback life.

For more information on Mt Isa go to:…
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