Exploring Food of Australia’s Northern Territory

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Exploring Food of Australia’s Northern Territory

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Australian food may be a blend of international food, but in the Northern Territory, visitors will learn that there actually is a traditional cuisine. Getting a tour from an aboriginal local, travellers learn that there is a lot of work put into men and women to harvest and hunt for food.

In the Kings Canyon Wilderness Lodge, travellers are served fresh, well-prepared foods, only to sit around the campfire meeting new friends and sharing stories with each other.

At the Earth Sanctuary, visitors are fed a variety of different grilled meats and damper, Australian bread made from water, yeast, and flower.

At the Sounds of Silence Dinner, next to Uluru, provides champagne toasts and dinner under the stars.

Located in the Ayers Rock resort, Ilkari provides a gourmet buffet style dining experience. Not only Australian foods, but international foods as well.

International flavors are just as popular in the Northern Territory. One of the Asian inspired restaurants, Hanuman, located in Alice Springs, gives travellers some of the international food that the Australian Outback prepares and provides to all their guests.

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