NTAS at Ayers Rock Airport (Connellan)

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NTAS Fleet at Ayers Rock Airport (Connellan)

NTAS at Ayers Rock Airport (Connellan)

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NTAS at Ayers Rock Airport for Uluru Kata Tjuta VIP Tour

Northern Territory air services aircraft touched down at Ayers Rock airport.
Our VIP guests from Alice Springs were on board, eager to begin their once-ina-
lifetime return journey to Uluru. Guests were mesmerized by the sights out
the window. They could see the red desert stretching out for miles below them.
As our aircraft got closer to Uluru, the guests could see the many different
shades of red that make up the rock. Our aircraft circled Uluru a so that
everyone on board could get a good look. Everyone was excited to have seen
Uluru and to explore it from a new and unique perspective in flight.
Once everyone was off the plane, they were given a tour of the area. They were
able to see Uluru up close and personal. After the ground tour, the guests were
flown back to Alice Springs. They were thrilled to have experienced Uluru in
such a unique way.

As we flew back to Alice Springs, I reflected on
what an amazing experience it had been. I’d never
seen anything like Uluru before, and I’m sure I
never will again. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime

VIP Guest

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