Overview of Australia’s Northern Territory

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Overview of Australia’s Northern Territory

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Australia’s Outback, known as the Northern Territory, spreads over 3,000,000 square miles and contains so many different plants, animals, and people.

Known as the Red Centre, the dry landscape got its name from the dry, red earth it displays. Kings Canyon can be explored on quad, while experiencing natural places most people have never adventured to. Uluru and Kata Tjuta, which host approximately half a million visitors a year, are landmarks that tower over you and hold over 50,000 years of heritage.

Camels are the backbone of the region, and still are a huge part of tourism in the Northern Territory. The Lassester’s Camel Cup is a ‘light-hearted day’ of fun in which there are camel races and other fun activities throughout the day.

Located in Alice Springs and surrounds, The Earth Sanctuary is a family run educational experience where you learn modern and aboriginal culture of the Australian Outback.

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