Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for Northern Territory Air Services provision of flight services.

NTAS boarding tickets are issued as e-tickets.

* All services operated by AvCharter Pty Ltd or other airlines.

Control of flights

The flight operator* has full control and authority in respect of the safety and operational aspects of all flights and may change the flight details, refuse carriage to any passenger, or make any other decision in relation to a flight as it may consider appropriate. This authority and control maybe exercised by a duly authorised officer of NTAS and or the captain of the aircraft.


NTAS website tickets are issued as e-tickets.

An e-ticket (or electronic ticket) is a ticketing option that eliminates the need for a physical ticket. Your booking details are stored securely and when it is time to travel, present your receipt and identification when checking in prior to your flight. Customers aged eighteen (18) and above must present an acceptable form of identification in order to travel. The customer’s name on the identification must match the name on the booking. Customers aged seventeen (17) or under are not required to present identification provided they are travelling with, or are presented at check-in by an identifiable guardian

Where Carriage Cannot Be Performed

Where NTAS is unable to commence or continue any flight or carry any contracted passenger it will endeavour to provide alternative carriage. If alternative carriage is not possible the passenger may re-book with NTAS or receive a refund subject to the NTAS Refund Policy. NTAS has no obligation to a passenger who is late for, or has missed flights.

AvCharter Flights close 30 minutes before departure.

Please make sure you arrive 30 minutes prior to departure.
If you do not arrive 30 minutes before scheduled departure time, you may not be able to board your flight.
This may result in the loss of your fare in full.

Prohibited Items

There are certain items that you must not take in your carry-on baggage because they present a security risk. If you are not sure whether an item is prohibited or not, check with your airline, pack it in your checked baggage or leave it at home.

You will be required to surrender any prohibited items you are carrying before you board the flight. Airports and airlines are under no obligation to store or return surrendered items.

We recommend you familiarise yourself with these restrictions before you travel, to help you get through the security checks at the airport as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Some items are prohibited from being taken onboard because they present a security risk and have the potential to harm other passengers and crew.

For further information on the Australian Government website TravelSECURE

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are usually not allowed on an aircraft, because they may be explosive, flammable, magnetic, caustic and generally too dangerous to be taken on the aircraft.
Each airline also operates under its own Conditions of Carriage which may indicate what you cannot take onboard or pack in your checked baggage. You should contact NTAS if you are unsure whether you can take a particular item onboard or pack in it your baggage.

Can I pack that? – Use the Australian Governments dangerous goods App to check what you can take on your flight.

You can find more information about on board luggage safety below:

Battery safety web page.
This page has information on how to travel with batteries and how to protect against short-circuiting as well as calculating watt-hours.

Can I pack that? Dangerous goods app.
This helps travellers work out what they can and can’t pack in their luggage, and if an item can be brought on board, how to do it safely.

Dangerous goods page.
This page has general information about dangerous goods and how they can be transported.

We will not accept any responsibility for items which we refuse to carry as Cabin Baggage and which are not carried as Checked Baggage. You are responsible for your personal items that are in your care and control.

Invoice Payment System Policies.

Payments via the invoice payment system are ONLY for services rendered by NTAS that have been invoiced.Please reference your invoice number when making invoice payments. Retainer payments and payment for services that have not yet been invoiced may NOT be made via the invoice payment system.

Currency – Australian Dollars
Delivery Method – Invoices will be rendered monthly for services provided.
Refund/Return Policy – is Not applicable to the invoice payment system
Prices – Will may vary depending on services provided.

NTAS incurs fees from financial institutions when customers choose to pay for services using the credit option when using a debit card or credit card.A surcharge of up to 6% will be included in total amount of payments made to Northern Territory Air Services using the credit option when using MasterCard or Visa (a credit card or debit card).

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Submission of information.

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For further information please see the Privacy Policy


NTAS has no obligation or liability to any passenger for any unperformed or delayed carriage except as set out in the NTAS Terms and Conditions. In particular, NTAS has no liability for missed connections, appointments or for any consequential or other loss. This limitation of liability extends to NTAS agents, officers, servants, contractors and representatives.

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